Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Officially Out of Reading Material

Maybe because I've been too busy to get to the library much this spring, or maybe because I've been sick too much, but I'm officially out of reading material.  I have re-re read even my "comfort reads" too many times, read all the issues of the Atlantic that were piled up on my side of the bed and read all last weeks' newspapers pretty much front to back.

So despite the deluge I decided to wade through Harvard yard last night to the library instead of going straight home.
Despite almost getting hit my a ninja salmon biker on the way (grumble,grumble)
I managed to get there only slightly soaked.  I gave up on the umbrella halfway there because it kept getting blown inside out.

I got a couple of new books, got home, and immediately dove in to Wolf Hall, the historic novel featuring Thomas Cromwell that was last year’s Booker winner.  So far it’s fantastic, really elegant prose and some compelling characters.

There’s not much cozier than coming home soaking wet, changing into warm dry clothes and settling in with a good book, a dog on your lap and a glass of wine.  Just think, if it wasn’t rainy, we couldn’t enjoy huddling warm and dry outside.  (Thankfully, so far our basement remains dry!)


  1. I recommend anything by Dawn Powell, before it goes back out of print again. That will cheer up spirits dampened by rain or "salmon."

  2. You are so right - it's a great excuse for a book and a glass of wine and turning the phone off.
    Now I'm just sorry I have to go out tonight.

  3. yesterday I stayed home and cooked roasted beets, sauteed the beet greens and baked some frozen bake at home rolls to go with whole foods sausages and rice pilaf. It was an amazing dinner that I never would have done if it weren't so dreary and wet outside.

  4. Lecture was lame, now I wish I *had* stayed in! Hope you all enjoyed your evenings.