Wednesday, March 10, 2010

do the Google

I use google maps a lot- to the extent of stopping on the side of the road while biking to check where I'm going.  Which is why I'm very happy to hear that Google is starting to offer a bike-appropriate directions option.   I tend to use it when I already know more or less where I'm headed to,  but if you don't really know, the normal directions could lead you to some pretty unpleasant cycling situations.  The idea is that this feature would send you on the less crowded roads, roads with bike lanes etc.  No substitute for being able to pay attention and display adaptability, but at least you'll be starting (hopefully) from a basic set of directions.

Yea Google!


  1. Careful with it - i did a test of it and it sent me the wrong way down Comm Ave, on sidewalks in Boston (it appears)and through the Public Gardens.

    But i still love it! I hope they can correct these small issues - it will be a great feature.

  2. Cool!
    Hopefully they'll get Canadian city directions soon.

  3. A comment to my comment - it does not send you down the wrong way on Comm Ave - but down the Comm Ave Mall. Which is good - i must have mis-read the map this morning