Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Hack, Cough, wheeze, on your left"

Today was my second day of riding to work after being sick all last week, and although I'm still hacking and wheezing a fair bit, I hadn't had a real coughing fit while riding (the kind that leaves me doubled over) until tonight.  Pedestrians were turning to look at me in horror, wondering who let me out of the sanatorium and why the hell I was on a bike.   I had to pull over to get breath back finally. I'm about done with being sick!

On a more pleasant note, two happy surprises courtesy of the City of Cambridge Public works!
They filled the enormous, bike eating pothole at Broadway and Galileo Galilei road,  and the less gaping, but more entrenched one half a block east.  This morning, I was treated to a freshly swept bike lane-  so fresh I could still see the wet track the sweeper left behind- ah bliss!

I sent the CPW two "thank you" emails- positive conditioning and all that.

big bad bike building post still in the works- but since I just got home at 9pm,  I'm gonna eat dinner and sleep instead of blog.


  1. I'll bet they don't get a lot of "thank you" emails. It's probably posted on their bulletin board and they're walking with just a touch more of a lilt.

  2. ahh yes... street sweeping; the true sign that Spring is springing!

    Feel better; I had that horror in Feb. Kept me off the bike for 2 weeks!

  3. I'm sick too. It almost messed up my weekend but I got just well enough to enjoy it just in time. Still my cough comes on at 9pm sharp each night.

    blech on sickness! feel better soon!

  4. Steve- I email them pretty regularly with both complaints and complements, and in general I think they do a good job.
    They are more likely to write me back when I send kudos

  5. sorry to hear about the persistent cough :-(

    but i'm excited to hear about this upcoming bike build (even though i have an inkling as to some of the details)... oh, the suspense!