Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Things I found around the web on Friday but was too busy enjoying the sunny weekend to post until now- hope they're not too outdated:

I'm tired of cycle bashing, and I'm sure you are too.  This may be old news to you, but thanks to Lance Armstrong's taking him to task via Twitter and a unprintable word, Terry Korn the ESPN host who suggested that people should "tap" cyclists who ride in the street is now claiming that he was kidding when he advocated vehicular homicide.  If you don't think that kind of "humor" is funny or should be promoted on the radio,  instead of ranting on bike blogs, I highly suggest a few choice words here

A really great video about riding around busses/ driving a bus around bicycles from Chicago.  It a bit long, but well made.  Save your life, don't try to pass a bus in its blind spot!

If you're a female reader of this site,  you should consider spending 15 minutes filling out a survey here.  Tell city planners and the people who set the city planning agenda what shapes your bicycling habits.

I spend a fair bit of time along the Charles River bike paths, and DCR just sent out a "save the date" for their annual volunteer clean up day "Park Serve".  Anyone here in Boston interested in meeting up and forming a group to clean up a section of the river together?
I'm definitely going to do it,  but it would be a fun way to meet some of you, and help make the biking environment more pleasant.  If you're interested, comment or email me at
If I get a group of 6 or more I'm supposed to call in and get an "official" assignment.  Lots of people want to do the bike path,  so it would be great to sign up before the best spots are gone.

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